Pinnacle Luxury Condos, Bayshore Blvd

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Pinnacle Luxury Condos

The ideal Bayshore location

Those who are thinking about moving to a warmer location should take into consideration South Tampa. This district is part of the Tampa community and it’s a great place to live because it has everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Besides the numerous shops, restaurants, cafés, pubs and clubs, it also offers an amazing view over the bay and the ocean. One of the best areas in South Tampa is the Bayshore Boulevard. This waterfront road goes along Hillsborough Bay and it is believed to be the world’s longest continuous sidewalk. It is 7.2 km / 4.5 miles long. Besides the sidewalk, Bayshore Boulevard also features the Bayshore Greenway Trail, a linear park and a bike lane. The road provides stunning views of the water and urban Tampa. Additionally, the street is lined by various businesses and historic homes.

The condo amenities and features

Despite all these attractions, Bayshore Blvd is still dominated by the Pinnacle Luxury Condos, a gorgeous building located on Bayshore Boulevard and a perfect place to live. In fact, it is one of the best condo complexes in South Tampa. The building is attractive because of its wonderful location. It offers immediate access to shopping and dining areas, and the Bayshore sidewalk is the ideal place to go jogging every morning or sit and relax on a bench. Additionally, the parks and malls are just minutes away from the Pinnacle apartments. Not to mention that you’re 20 minutes away from some of the best beaches in Tampa. Downtown Tampa and its great facilities are also located very close to the amazing apartment complex.

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, the Pinnacle Luxury Condos will definitely live up to your expectations. You might never find something as elegant and as sophisticated as these homes. They offer a refreshing and inspirational resort lifestyle. The numerous facilities and amenities inside the Pinnacle will revive and energize every potential resident. Whether you choose to socialize and have a drink in the billiard pool hall or you want to have fun and eat lots of popcorn in the soothing media room, there is always something to do at the Pinnacle.

The amenities and facilities inside the Pinnacle condos are equally important and impressive. The relaxing and spacious interiors are improved with:

  • large walk – in closets
  • custom oak cabinets
  • sophisticated island kitchens
  • crown – molded ceilings
  • extraordinary kitchen appliances
  • Roman bath tubs
  • radiant tiling
  • soft carpeting
Kitchen amenities
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Brand-new cabinets
  • Marble countertops with Kitchen Island
  • Advanced appliances
  • Dishwasher
  • Beautiful opening to the living room

In addition, each Pinnacle luxury condo comes with expansive sun patios that offer stunning views of Tampa and the bay. Since they are so spacious, they can also be used as barbeque areas. The large observation decks located at the 16th floor add even more value to this gorgeous condo building. If you’re looking to invest in South Tampa don’t ignore the Pinnacle. It might become your dream home.

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